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The future of pharmacy: Recognizing and empowering women through #WomenPharmacistDay


Laura Mueller Essential Insights contributor, healthcare writer

Laura Mueller

Essential Insights contributor, healthcare writer

Mueller: Why is it so important for women to be recognized for their contributions to the pharmacy field?

Female pharmacist talking with female customer.

2 out of 3 pharmacists

Mueller: Do you find that there is a strong focus on mentorship and guidance within pharmacy?

Mueller: Looking at the changing role of the pharmacist, are there unique and valuable characteristics that women bring to the table?

Mueller: All working parents must find a balance between their careers and taking care of their families. What unique challenges do working moms face in pharmacy, and how can they better achieve that balance?

Woman holding card reading I am a pharmacist mom #WomenPharmacistDay.

Suzanne Soliman, founder of Women Pharmacist Day, holds up her selfie card to help bring visibility to the day over social media. Supporters are encouraged to download a card and take their own selfie.

Mueller: What are some small changes that women in healthcare, and particularly women in pharmacy, can make to feel more fulfilled in their careers?

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