Today’s hospital supply chain leader: More than a just a manager of materials


Rebecca Hellmann Healthcare industry executive

Rebecca Hellmann

Healthcare industry executive

Illustration of a supply chain leader with many arms, representing many roles.

Profile of a Supply Chain Leader

Armed with the understanding that revolution within the healthcare industry is just in its infancy, they approach each challenge with the endurance of a marathon runner, knowing that because the healthcare supply chain can never stop evolving, neither can they.

And perhaps most importantly, they are advocates, promoting innovation, efficiency and regulatory compliance across large health care organizations, and always, above all else, serving as a champion for the patient.

In honor of National Healthcare Supply Chain Week, we thank today’s hospital supply chain leaders for the many hats they wear…for the important roles they play…and for the countless contributions they make, every day, toward building a stronger, better, more secure, safer, more effective and efficient healthcare system for tomorrow. It is our privilege to work with you.