Newborn baby holding mom's hand.

1 in 1000 pregnant women will have a blood clot


Jacqueline Haigney, healthcare writer

Jacqueline Haigney

Healthcare writer

Reducing the risk of a blood clot, as a new mother

Illustration of internal blood vessels with a blood clot.

1 in 1000

The rising rate of VTE and its consequences

More than doubled

Illustration of nurse outside a hospital and the number 1.

Illustration of pills and a medicine bottle and the number 2.

Illustration of a form on a clipboard and the number 3.

Illustration of a person outside a hospital and the number 4.

Prevention benefits of IPC

Rate of event in a theoretic cohort of 1,000,000 women

Chart - rate of even in a theoretic cohort of one million women.

Bridging the gap in anticoagulation protection