Nurse showing a patient something on a tablet.

Your patient refuses treatment to prevent blood clots. Here's how to escalate.


Wynne Parry  Essential Insights contributor, healthcare writer.

Wynne Parry

Essential Insights contributor, healthcare writer

Learn how to build an escalation process to make sure patients are compliant with recommended treatments.

Overcoming Obstacles to IPC Adherence

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A refusal is an opportunity for education

Watch Vonda Vaden Bates, a patient advocate, discuss her experience

The escalation process at UK Healthcare

Illustration of the escalation process at UK Healthcare.

Key things to know about VTE and IPC

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Icon - heart and heart beat.
Icon - compression device and sleeve on leg.
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Building a first-class escalation process

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Illustration of computer and choices for why the patient isn't wearing an IPC device.

Doing due diligence to educate