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Understanding the prevalence of VTE

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DVT Debunked: The severity of deep vein thrombosis

by Wynne Parry

The Smart Compression™ Educates DVT Debunked series introduces several common misconceptions – or myths – about blood clot prevention and provides resources and evidence to clarify and educate. This month: the severity of deep vein thrombosis.

Medical professional in PPE talking to a patient in a hospital bed.

DVT Debunked: Who is at risk?

by Wynne Parry

For so many people, blood clots can seem like a danger that's unlikely to touch them. However, it's important that all patients understand that potentially fatal venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a condition that can affect nearly anyone.

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Support the fight against VTEs on World Thrombosis Day

by Pantep Angchaisuksiri, MD and Beverly Hunt, MD, OBE

On October 13, join us in proud support of World Thrombosis Day, a year-long campaign that focuses attention on thrombosis education.

Nurse helping a patient out of her wheel chair.

VTE prevention pitfalls

by Wynne Parry

Between admission and discharge, there are several points at which the VTE prevention protocol can fail. Learn how to identify and address 12 common protocol pitfalls.

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History of DVT Awareness Month

by Wynne Parry

The story of National DVT Awareness Month begins with unnecessary tragedy, but it offers hope too. Learn the history of the annual national effort to prevent the disease sometimes called the “silent killer”.

Newborn baby holding mom's hand.

1 in 1000 pregnant women will have a blood clot

by Jacqueline Haigney

VTE awareness is important both during pregnancy and after delivery. To help decrease VTE incidence rates, several major health organizations have published treatment guidelines.

Graphic - cost of major bleeding.

What are the costs for major bleeding episodes

by William Nadeau

Major bleeding complicates patient care and increases cost. In fact, the estimated cost per DVT with major bleeding events is $11,000.

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Together, we can reduce HA-VTE

Check out evidence, best practices and a community of other clinicians to reduce HA-VTE.

Together, we can reduce hospital-acquired venous thromboembolism

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