2017 laboratory professional of the year, Jennifer Dawson

As an advocate for quality and patient safety, Jennifer Dawson creates awareness and helps ensure that laboratories in the US and abroad achieve the standards necessary to provide exceptional patient care.

In her own words, Jennifer says, “I am a passionate advocate of the laboratory, more specifically, a passionate advocate for the laboratory and its role in providing quality care and the highest level of patient safety.” Cardinal Health certainly agrees. Jennifer Dawson is a truly outstanding leader, advocate and practitioner of clinical laboratory science. Cardinal Health is proud to recognize Jennifer Dawson as the 2017 urEssential Laboratory Professional of the Year. In addition to the award, Cardinal Health will provide an educational grant in the amount of $25,000 in her honor to support students pursuing careers in clinical laboratory science. Ms. Dawson has selected Texas State University as the recipient of this grant.

Laboratory Professional of the Year