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Dr. Belinda Presley

While Belinda Presley has an array of talents and accomplishments in her professional life, her ability to build a quality laboratory program with sound financial performance earns special notice.

Dr. Belinda D. Presley, PhD, MHA, MSc MT/HT (ASCP) a veteran of the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, began her career as a laboratory analyst at Kraft General Foods.  She transitioned to the clinical laboratory at Cox Health where she rose through the ranks to become supervisor of the Toxicology Section, then eventually the Pathology/Histology Assistant Section Head/Immunology Coordinator. From there she moved to her current role as Director of Laboratory Services at Citizens Memorial Healthcare in Bolivar, MO. Citizens Memorial Healthcare consists of a main hospital, seven long-term care facilities, 18 rural health clinics and five pre-hospital services facilities.

Dr. Presley’s multi-disciplinary approach to laboratory improvement has resulted in significant improvements in quality, test menu optimization, increased testing revenues, and standardization of controls across the Citizens Memorial network. Her business acumen and keen understanding of laboratory billing have driven the correction of billing errors across an array of test types. This focused effort has increased the revenue cycle management for the system. A secondary benefit attributed to her work in this area is reduced errors in billing received by patients.

Cardinal Health is honored to recognize Dr. Presley as a finalist for 2017. Her talents and accomplishments make her notable among laboratory professionals.

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