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Ms. Donna Castellone

The career of Donna Castellone is a remarkable one that spans decades of clinical laboratory science in the hospital setting. The energy and expertise exemplified by her publications and presentations underscore her value to her field.

For more than four decades, Donna Castellone, MS, MT(ASCP)SH has been advancing the knowledge, workflow, and quality in the clinical laboratory. Currently, Donna is the Quality Assurance Manager for Specialty Testing and Supervisor for Special Coagulation and Hematology at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia (New York NY). During her tenure, she has focused on enhancing test menus, improving test methodologies, modernizing procedures, and implementing a host of quality protocols. Results of her efforts are increased efficiency and output for the laboratory.

Donna is motivated by the vital link that the laboratory provides to patient care. She recognizes that the laboratory must be able to balance providing quality service and testing, quick turnaround times, and continually motivate staff. This awareness is why she still spends considerable amounts of time on the bench. Her hands-on approach allows her to quickly assess where processes fail, conduct root cause analyses, and work with staff to troubleshoot and utilize their expertise to identify and implement optimal solutions.

The dedication and service that Donna Castellone has given to clinical laboratory science is an inspiration and Cardinal Health is honored to recognize her as a urEssential finalist for 2017.

Laboratory Professional of the Year