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Dr. Steven Ceulemans

Without a doubt, the twenty-first century clinical laboratory demands the confluence of science, technology and business. Dr. Steven Ceulemans, by training, experience and talent, exemplifies the laboratory professional for these demanding times. 

After a decade of life science experience in the pharma, biotech, and academic sectors Dr. Ceulemans, Sc.D., joined North Oaks Medical Center as the Laboratory Director.  Immediately, he began focusing the activities of the laboratory around two themes: quality and a positive stakeholder experience. For Steven, the definition of stakeholder extends beyond the staff working in the lab, to the physicians, nurses and, ultimately, the patients whom access or interact with the laboratory. To this end, he has established a dedicated customer service team and implemented an outreach manager position. The goal of both is to allow the laboratory to provide exceptional service levels. By actively engaging with the clinical staff, Dr. Ceulemans has yielded improved test utilization across his healthcare system.

The vision, talent and service that Dr. Steven Ceulemans gives to clinical laboratory science is an inspiration and Cardinal Health is pleased to recognize him as a urEssential finalist for 2017.

Laboratory Professional of the Year