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Mr. Christopher Otto

Christopher Otto’s innovations have saved countless labs and research organizations thousands of dollars and have improved their ability to provide consistently excellent patient care.

Christopher Otto

Since joining the Army over thirty-five years ago, Christopher Otto, MSA, MT(ASCP)DLM, has been making improvements to clinical laboratory systems and processes around the world. He currently works as the Chemistry Supervisor at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. Throughout his career, he has focused on improving clinical laboratory management, speed, and accuracy.

As a Master Sergeant in 1982, Christopher became the first person to ever deploy a portable computer–the Osborne I–in a field lab environment. Not only did his programming skills increase patient flow for the 28th Combat Support Unit, but they also provided electronic flow charting capabilities that improved microbiology analysis. It would only be a few years later in 1986 that he would accomplish a similar feat with the Commodore 64, decreasing the time it took to perform quality control analysis with his own, revolutionary quality control system.

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