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Dr. Patricia M. Tille

Patricia Tille is dedicated to both patient care and the ever-growing problem of antibiotic resistance. She regularly volunteers to improve and implement local molecular diagnostic testing, from establishing quality controls to verifying and validating molecular methods to conducting training.

For nine years, Dr. Patricia Tille, PhD, MLS (ASCP) was the Director of the Medical Laboratory Science Program and Associate Professor at South Dakota University. While there, she focused on developing the medical laboratory science program for the benefit of the patients it serves and her students.

Today, Dr. Tille is the Medical Laboratory Scientist at Regional Health in South Dakota, Dr. Tille primarily focuses on microbiology and molecular diagnostics. In addition to routine diagnostic testing, she partners with laboratory leadership to advance testing platforms and methodologies to improve the quality of patient care. Even on the frontline, Dr. Tille continues to work with students.

Dr. Tille has devoted a significant portion of her career to studying and combating Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) health-care associated infections (HAIs). By partnering with local hospitals, she has conducted molecular epidemiology studies that have resulted in lowering both patient and employee infection rates through the use of new screening programs. Patients already infected with MRSA have seen a decrease in cost and length of stay thanks to her efforts and, as an added benefit, her process has also made it easier to identify new infectious strains.

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