Connect newsletter 2016 archives

January 2016

Part of the comprehensive wound management of an extensive and infected scalp wound following a full thickness electrical burn.

April 2016

Cardinal Health recently commissioned an independent study of healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of their pain points, challenges and trends associated with patient care and compliance upon discharge.

July 2016

Chronic wounds – or pressure wounds – appear to be facing epidemic proportions.

September 2016

Cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesives (TSA) have been cleared for use in the U.S. for over a decade and are indicated for topical applications only, to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds from surgical incisions, including punctures from minimally invasive surgery and simple, thoroughly cleansed, trauma induced lacerations.

November 2016

Challenges of transitioning wound patients through the continuum of care

February 2016

Healthcare delivery stakeholders have to work toward expense reductions without compromising quality.

May 2016

This epidemic is not a new concern for healthcare and has increasing effects on the entire healthcare system.

August 2016

Patient Experience vs Patient Satisfaction and How Nurses Play a Key Role

October 2016

In this article, we’ll discuss how proper education, ease-of-use, accurate maintenance of inventory and disaster management preparedness can help keep healthcare workers safe during infectious disease outbreaks.

December 2016

Regardless of whether you are a nurse or are a supply chain professional, it’s a challenge to stay in good health yourself, especially when you are often the go-to for your friends and family on healthy advice.