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Everything you do has a real, meaningful impact on a human life. Every agent you administer holds far more than just a radionuclide. That’s why Cardinal Health manufactures, dispenses, and delivers radiopharmaceuticals with expert efficiency to the highest regulatory standards, so you can be confident in the care you provide.


When detecting and evaluating cardiovascular disease, some of the most highly used diagnostic methods include both single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography (PET/CT).


Molecular imaging technologies allow physicians to visualize brain function and measure its chemical processes, often detecting abnormal brain function before structural changes resulting from brain cell death can be seen on CT or MRI.


In oncology, molecular imaging enables physicians need to make informed decisions for patient management through detection, diagnosis and prognosis, staging, assessing therapeutic targets, monitoring therapy and evaluating response to therapy.

General nuclear medicine

In addition to cardiology, neurology, and oncology, nuclear medicine makes a significant impact, both diagnostic and therapeutic, in other medical specialties.