Acute - Business Solutions

Acute Pharmacy Management

Cardinal Health Acute Pharmacy Management will assess and empower the needs of your organization, from full pharmacy management to remote pharmacy services, to help make your pharmacy a strategic asset.

Financial Consulting

Our financial consulting solutions help control drug costs, optimize drug spend and cover the cost of uncompensated care.

Supply Chain Consulting

Our consultative approach improves the efficiency of any healthcare supply chain. Find out how.

Cardinal Health™ Inventory Management Solutions

Cardinal Health™ Inventory Management Solutions offers enterprise visibility and control of hospital supplies

Performance Improvement Consulting

Cardinal Health Performance Improvement Consulting is a new offering for hospitals and ambulatory care sites to improve patient care and profitability by using operational excellence tools and technique.

Clinical Pharmacy Consulting

Our subject matter experts provide clinical consulting for antibiotic stewardship and drug cost control strategies.

Regulatory and Compliance

Achieve continuous compliance with accreditation and regulatory standards and improve medication safety systems.