Manual Inventory Tracking

Simple, easy-to-use reporting for consigned inventory


Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution (SPD) understands that you want flexible and customized solutions to meet your pharmacy’s unique needs.

We recognize that not all pharmacies desire technology-based solutions so we’ve created a simple consignment model that allows you to manually track consigned inventory on an easy-to-use spreadsheet. Simply place a new order when you reach your designated par levels.

If your facility consigns a small quantity of specialty drugs or doesn’t have the space for an RFID refrigerator, the manual consignment model may be right for you.

Consistent with the other Cardinal Health SPD consignment models, you’ll be able to stock specialty drugs in your pharmacy without paying for them until they’re used. You’ll receive an invoice during the agreed-upon reconciliation period. Cardinal Health will also monitor expiration dates and proactively exchange those products at no cost to your facility.


Manage specialty drug consignment inventory your way.

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