RFID Enabled Cabinetry

Innovative consignment technology


As the demand grows for specialty pharmaceuticals, it is more important than ever to ensure you have life-saving therapies, such as hemophilia factor products, on hand when they’re needed, without creating additional financial risk or waste.

Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution (SPD) web-based RFID technology takes the guesswork out of inventory planning for specialty pharmaceuticals.

RFID-enabled cabinetry can help you improve employee efficiency and satisfaction by reducing the time pharmacists spend on inventory-related tasks.

Inventory arrives pre-tagged, so there is no need to manually scan products in or out. Simply place the RFID-tagged products in the RFID cabinet and the system will scan and update inventory levels automatically. By eliminating manual steps, your staff will have more time to dedicate to patient care.

RFID helps you:


Help eliminate manual processes with RFID

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