Comprehensive Data Sources

Quality data is the raw material that feeds our real-world, evidence-based HEOR studies and Market Insights analyses.

  • Balanced with government and commercial claims to reflect an aging population, which is more representative of the oncology landscape
  • Specialty-focused, with a high volume of patients from oncology, urology, rheumatology and other specialty therapeutic areas
  • Thorough, including longitudinal patient information
  • Geographically well-distributed
  • Inclusive of both IV and oral prescription information
  • Representative of real-world cases, with information direct from patient charts
  • Able to leverage Natural Language Processing

  • Specialty-focused EMR data
  • Payer claims
  • Survey data from multiple stakeholders, including patients, physicians and caregivers
  • Real-world evidence from chart reviews
  • Specialty-focused point-of-care claims data
  • Other commercially available data sources

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