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FOCUS Magazine 2016 edition

FOCUS on Qualitative Data

Unstructured data mining is problematic in HEOR. Is Natural language processing (NLP) software the key to big data pattern recognition?

FOCUS on the Product

HEOR plays a significant role for pharmaceutical manufacturers in demonstrating product value, pricing and market access strategies, and even licensing and R&D.

FOCUS on Value-Based Care

Dr. Feinberg recently sat down with Dr. Joseph Bailes, past president of ASCO, to discuss the future of oncology research, practice, and patient care. Their conversation ran the gamut from value-based care and value calculators being introduced to assess value to patient-centered medicine and patient-reported outcomes critical to the process.

FOCUS on the Patient

Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) are essential to patient-centered medicine. Yet comparisons of patient and physician assessments reveal striking differences that impact value assessment.

FOCUS on Payment Models

An increasing role for HEOR is to provide the knowledge base needed to transform healthcare from a volume-based to a value-based economic platform. The willingness of stakeholders to accept risk will only be as robust as the economics underpinning those financial models. Here we look at one such model.

FOCUS on the Future of HEOR

Jennifer Fillman recently sat down with Ronda Copher, PhD, Director of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) at Eisai Inc. to discuss some of the latest trends in the field of HEOR, ranging from the challenges of calculating the value of care to the opportunities for greater data integration.