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FOCUS Magazine 2017 edition

FOCUS on value

Value-based care frameworks assess cost, efficacy, safety, and preference. We explore ramifications to care, reimbursement, products and pipelines.

FOCUS on success

Competition, changing regulations, demand for provable outcomes, pricing and reimbursement pressures make commercialization a growing challenge.

FOCUS on the patient

Patient cases inspired by real-life encounters in oncology practice demonstrate the essential role of patient-reported outcomes in clinical care.

FOCUS on research

Developing novel outreach tools will be crucial for expanding the footprint of PRO research and achieving the goals of the 21st Century Cures Act.

FOCUS on technology

Machine learning offers HEOR researchers possibility as a methodology to assess the volumes of payer claims, EMR, sociodemographic and consumer data.

FOCUS on perspective

Thought leaders in health economics discuss HEOR implications of transitioning to a value-based care delivery model and the role of value calculators.

FOCUS on methods

Application of research methodologies typically used outside of evidence-based medicine, like the Delphi model, may reduce variance in HEOR quality.

FOCUS on study choice

Understanding and applying the right approach to PRO research can be critical to product approval and adoption.

FOCUS on biosimilars

Experts evaluate how biosimilars have been incorporated into EU formularies and how that influences adoption and value assessment in the US.