Case Studies

Delivering value to our customers

The value-based pharmacy

Case study: Combining physician dispensing and drug consignment to improve patient and practice health at The Urology Group.

Dispensing Better Care

Case study: How physician dispensing improves patient care at Comprehensive Urologic Care.

Onboarding Success

Case study: How a 32-location oncology practice converted to a more effective drug savings and distribution strategy in just 10 days.

Doubling Success

Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers added a patient advocate to manage oral medications and doubled its script capture rate – in just 3 weeks.

Targeting Better Results

Case study: How up-to-date performance data improves decision making at Urology Associates, P.C.

Building Closer Bonds

Case study: How physician dispensing helps Central Ohio Urology Group improve patient care

Data Makes the Difference

Case study: How Tennessee Oncology uses data-driven GPO and distribution services to succeed with value-based care.

Commitment to quality

Case Study: How Clearview Cancer Institute strengthened payer support and demonstrated their commitment to quality care through ACHC accreditation.