Amber Haag, RPh.

Pharmacy ownership: A ‘way of life’ for Emporia, Kansas, female pharmacist

Amber Haag female pharmacist in Kansas

Amber, you actually purchased the independent pharmacy that you worked at correct?

Explain your thought process in making the decision to become an independent owner? What was the driving factor in that decision?

Did you consider the pros and cons of pharmacy ownership, and if so, what were they?

What kind of challenges did you face in the purchase and the transition from staff pharmacist to pharmacy owner?

What kind of support have you received before and after the purchase of your pharmacy, and from who?

Can you share a little insight into your decision to remain a Medicine Shoppe pharmacy, after you acquired the pharmacy, and what value does being part of a franchise system provide?

How has owning your own pharmacy changed your life, both at work and at home?

What recommendations would you give to others who are thinking of owning a pharmacy and what do you consider the “must haves and must dos to make it through the first year as a new owner?

How has your business been doing thus far?