Angie Glotzbach, PharmD and Leslie Davis, PharmD

Angie and Leslie explain the importance of having a pharmacy mentor.

Angie and Leslie pharmacists in Indiana

Angie and Leslie, two independent pharmacists in Indiana, explain how their friendship helped each other succeed in their pursuit of pharmacy ownership.

Can you tell us the story of how you were inspired to become a pharmacist and own your own pharmacy?

Leslie – I understand you acted as sort of a mentor to Angie as she went through the process of purchasing her pharmacy. Angie, Can you explain how having Leslie in your network impacted your path to ownership?

Angie – I understand you also purchased your pharmacy from a female owner. Why do you think it was important for the previous owner to continue the legacy of female ownership in her store?

Leslie – do you have any comments on your own journey of purchasing your pharmacy from a female owner?

How do you feel having a friend and mentor in the pharmacy profession has helped you grow in your role as a community pharmacist?

What advice would you give aspiring female owners about opening up their own pharmacy and networking with others in the Women in Pharmacy network?