LaDonna Poehler, RPh

Medicine Shoppe's first Telepharmacy in Newton, IL

Medicine Shoppe's first Telepharmacy in Newton, IL

How were you inspired to become a pharmacist and own your own retail independent pharmacy?

Speaking of your second store, we hear you’re going to offer “Telepharmacy” technology in your new location. Tell us a little bit about Telepharmacy and what inspired you to take the plunge to try it.

Do you have any goals or aspirations in mind for your new “Telepharmacy?” What would you consider a successful first year in business?

How have you been innovative when adopting new services or technology, and how do you think that’s affected your success in ownership?

How do you feel the stigma of women in business has changed since you became a pharmacy owner?

Do you have any advice for aspiring pharmacy owners, particularly women who are considering ownership as a career option?

So let’s talk about work life balance. How has owning your pharmacy helped you manage a family and outside life that sometimes comes with competing priorities? What advice would you give to women who might be struggling with the thought of ownership because they feel it would be “too much?"

Have you thought at all about your store’s legacy and what you might consider when thinking about transition planning?

Any final words of advice or encouragement to our Women in Pharmacy community?

How have things been going since you opened your new TelePharmacy?

How did the opening go? Is there a learning curve with Telepharmacy?

What’s next for you?

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