Approved Suppliers

Approved Suppliers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of Cardinal Health information. Approved Suppliers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Standard purchasing procedures for Cardinal Health require that a contract, statement of work or Approved Purchasing Program, be in place prior to the exchange of any goods or services.

  • A valid contract or SOW must be signed by an authorized Cardinal Health employee
  • A signed agreement will govern the Approved Supplier relationship with Cardinal Health

Purchase Order - A purchase order is required unless:

  • There is an Established Purchase Program
  • The good or service can be purchased with purchasing card

Remit Address – Must be included on the following documents:

  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Statements of Work
  • Invoices
  • Any other document submitted as part of the purchasing and invoice process

Payment Terms – The standard payment term for Cardinal Health is net 90 days for all Approved Suppliers providing goods or services without a valid Master Service Agreement (MSA), Contract or Statement of Work (SOW) in place. Our payment system allows for one payment term per supplier.

Payment Methods – The preferred method of payment for Cardinal Health is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). EFT is an efficient, cost effective method for processing payments. The following alternate methods of payment may be utilized depending on the business need. Alternate methods listed in order of preference.

  • Purchasing Card
  • Check
  • Wire (for international transactions only)

As a supplier selected to do business with Cardinal Health you agree to comply with Cardinal Health policies and procedures for Cardinal Health as a whole and for your specific work location.

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Each agreement outlines the expectations for how the relationship between the Approved Supplier and Cardinal Health will be governed. A valid agreement or purchase order is important to mitigate risk for both the Approved Supplier and Cardinal Health.