Potential Suppliers

Financial Information – This information may be used in determining if a company is diverse or as part of the supplier selection and validation process.

W-9 – Tax ID document used to validate Supplier or Payee information and to uniquely identify the Supplier or Payee with our accounts payable system.

Banking Information – Used to process electronic funds transfer for invoice payment.

Contact Information – Used to process purchase orders, pay invoices, contact our suppliers and communicate supplier information.

Address Information

Supplier Diversity - Fair treatment and diversity - We provide equal opportunity to employees and applicants during the employment process. We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive workplace that is representative of the communities in which we operate and that is free from discrimination. In addition, we are dedicated to fostering a work environment where employees are respected and enjoy coming to work.

Supplier Business Reviews - Cardinal Health and the Supplier will review and evaluate the Supplier's performance against the details outlined in the signed agreement. Business Reviews are not required for all Suppliers. The requirement to perform a Business Review, content and timing will be determined by Cardinal Health Indirect Procurement.

RFP/RFQ/RFI - While RFx is not always a requirement for supplier selection (qualifications as an Approved Supplier), participation in this type of event may be necessary to meet the needs of specific Cardinal Health projects. The following is a high level outline of our RFx requirements.

  • You must be registered with SupplierGateway as part of the RFx process. Failure to register may exclude your bid from consideration.
  • RFx Submission - Proposal evaluation is within the sole discretion of Cardinal Health, and evaluations will be based on all elements of each response to this document and the requests outlined in the RFx.
  • Each proposal will be assessed for completeness and responsiveness; incomplete sections will greatly impact evaluations and may result in automatic exclusion from review. These include proposals for process improvements and intangible factors.
  • It is the goal of Cardinal Health to contract with reliable, financially stable companies who have the ability to meet and exceed the Cardinal Health requirements for fair costs, high quality and superior services. Cardinal Health encourages each potential supplier to provide innovative and creative recommendations to improve the products, prices and services as outlined in each proposal. As experts in your respective industry, with great numbers of similar customers, you should have a large base of "best practice" alternatives.
  • When submitting a RFP the proposal must outline our exact requests. Any exception to this Request for Proposal must be explained in writing. Cardinal Health is defining an exception as the potential supplier's inability to satisfy a mandatory requirement in the manner specified. Only after the mandatory requirements are met may optional recommendations be offered. These must be clearly identified as optional recommendations.

Payment Terms - The standard payment term for Cardinal Health is net 90 days for all Approved suppliers providing goods or services without a valid Master Service Agreement (MSA), Contract or Statement of Work (SOW) in place. Our payment system allows for one payment term per supplier.

Payment Methods - The preferred method of payment for Cardinal Health is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). EFT is an efficient, cost effective method for processing payments. The following alternate methods of payment may be utilized depending on the business need. Alternate methods listed in order of preference.

  • Purchasing Card
  • Check
  • Wire (for international transactions only)

Remit Address - The Cardinal Health standard is to create one remit/payment record per supplier. Requests to add additional remit records for a supplier will be reviewed on a case by case basis, must be approved by Indirect Procurement and may result in a set-up processing fee to the supplier.

Technology – Cardinal Health utilizes internet applications, email and fax to conduct business with Potential and Approved Suppliers. You must have access to this technology to successfully manage a business relationship with Cardinal Health.